Conditions of admission

Membership of HarbourClub is open to:

Current Chief Communications Officers (maximum of 100) who have overall responsibility for communications within their business, report to their executive board and manage a team.

Admission process

The Managing Board reviews applications received to see whether the requirements for membership have been met. A decision is then made as to whether the candidates should be admitted. Please note that some time may elapse between your application and the Managing Board’s decision. New inductees are invited to introduce themselves to existing members of the Club at an event held in the spring.

Termination of membership

Membership ends when a notice of resignation is received or the member gives up their company role. Any membership fee paid is forfeited. Members are obliged to provide due notification if they no longer meet the membership requirements.

Members may be excluded if there is good cause for doing so. Exclusion must be approved by a three-quarters majority of the members present.

Membership fee

The level of the membership fee is fixed by the Regular Members’ Meeting and amounts to CHF 1,500 p.a.:

  • 100% of the membership fee is payable by members joining between January 1 and June 30.
  • 50% of the membership fee is payable by members joining between July 1 and December 31.