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HarbourClub pursues clearly defined objectives.

In a world of continuous transformation, the success of a business largely hinges on how it is perceived. Good corporate communications play a decisive role in this. Only those who create relevance and build trust can manage today’s altered communications and media landscape over the long term.

Adding value

HarbourClub supports this mindset with internal activities exclusively reserved for members, supplemented by external added-value events. The focus in each case is on topics that raise a Chief Communications Officer’s awareness of minor details and open their eyes to the bigger picture.


The Club was founded in Harbour House in Zurich in 2000. Its membership is limited to 100. The members are active Chief Communications Officers (CCO) from businesses and organizations in Switzerland and up to ten other people who play an important role in the Swiss communications landscape.


The Club is limited to 100 members.


The era of the millennials was just getting started when HarbourClub was founded.


Each organization can only appoint one CCO as a member.

The Club’s Managing Board

The Managing Board, under the leadership of the President, is committed to keeping the organization lean and promoting pragmatic collaboration.

It acts as a management body from an operations perspective and also provides impetus for particular topics. The Managing Board convenes the Regular Members’ Meeting and is responsible for organizing internal and external events and activities. Its work always incorporates suggestions from the membership.

Important milestones


Der HarbourClub begrüsst
sein 100. Mitglied.


Der HarbourClub wird zwanzig

13. März 2020

Hans-Peter Nehmer, Allianz, zum Präsidenten ernannt

14. März 2014

Dominique Morel, KPMG, zum Präsidenten ernannt

2. März 2011

Corina Atzli, Bühler, zur Präsidentin ernannt

February 20, 2005

Alexander Fleischer, PwC, appointed president

20. Februar 2005

Alexander Fleischer, PwC, zum Präsidenten ernannt

March 2, 2011

Corina Atzli, Bühler, appointed president

November 24, 2000

The first Club Lunch was held in Harbour House in Zurich.

March 14, 2014

Dominique Morel, KPMG, appointed president

September 28, 2000

The first symposium, which concentrated on every aspect of “internal communications”, was held at Hotel Zürichberg in Zurich.

March 13, 2020

Hans-Peter Nehmer, Allianz, appointed president

August 30, 2000

HarbourClub’s inaugural meeting. The Club’s objective is to enable leading industry professionals to exchange experiences, to address new and future challenges in the public relations field and to promote contact on an informal level. To achieve this, membership was initially limited to 50 people.

June 28, 2000

HarbourClub was established as an association under Swiss law. The founding members, who also served on the first Managing Board, were: Walter Vaterlaus (President), Christine Menz (Vice-President), Andreas Jäggi, Francesco Lurati and Andreas Thommen.

Club bylaws – Preamble

HarbourClub aims to provide its members, who share an interest in how organizations communicate, with an informal platform for exchanging information and experiences. As a “club” in the literal sense, it keeps expenditure, management and administration to a minimum and is not involved in the kind of activities synonymous with associations.

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