A networking hub for CCOs

HarbourClub is committed to strong communication management in a digitalized world and anticipates the discussion about trends, core issues and the value generated by integrated communication.

HarbourClub pursues clearly defined objectives.

In a world of continuous transformation, the success of a business largely hinges on how it is perceived. Good corporate communications play a decisive role in this. Only those who create relevance and build trust can manage today’s altered communications and media landscape over the long term.

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We bring top CCOs together

HarbourClub brings together top Chief Communications Officers from businesses and organizations throughout Switzerland. Its objective is to facilitate an exchange of experience about strategic communication, to tackle challenges in the field of corporate communications, and to promote informal contact between people.


Successful communication is marked by the ability to navigate safely through uncertain terrain, build relationships there and cultivate those relationships.

Hans-Peter Nehmer
President of HarbourClub